Update: UK Concert Tour

01.12.2015 It is with huge regret that I must withdraw from my UK concert tour with Northern Sinfonietta this week. I have been having some problems with a muscle strain in my hand which became inflamed two weeks ago.  I have been undergoing... read more

The Telegraph Premieres Blackbird

29.11.2015 Blackbird video premiered on The Telegraph. Watch here .

Blackbird - The Beatles Album

23.11.2015 Miloš is set to release his fourth album ‘ Blackbird - The Beatles Album ’ in January 2016 , which is a tribute to the classic song writing skills of the iconic band. Starting with Yesterday, the first pop-song Milos ever... read more

National Day of Montenegro event

27.04.2015 On 21st of May (National Day of Montenegro) Milos will play 30 minute performance at the Conference Center in Milan. Be sure to click attending on the event page!

Composed from Decca and DG

01.04.2015 Milos is excited to bring you news of Composed, the new classical music streaming service from Classic FM, Decca Classics and Deutsch Grammophon. Composed offers hand-picked playlists and music to suit any mood. Always quality hand-picked... read more